Restaurant & Bistro  - Punkt - Pula

Foodstuffs from ecological cultivation.

Stimulating employment of hardly employable people.

Supporting development of small local producers.

Be proud - help in making the world happier!

Punkt is

first and only market company in Croatia that is created to generate working places for persons with disabilities including absolutely marginalised in labor market persons with intelectual disabilities. We act as a bistro (restaurant) and catering with delivery, as well as a company for maintaining and landscaping courtyards, gardens and agricultural lands. Also, we are offering help in seasonal agricultural works: olive yard, vineyard... wherever you need.
In carefully settled restaurant space we have 18 sitting places to eat and we are offering free delivery to your door. Parking place in front of the restaurant can be used if is not marked by other establishment.
We do not expect you will believe we are the best restaurant - come to us and prove for yourself.

Punkt team

From the kitchen

Foodstuffs we're using in preparing meals are purchased from small local ecological producers and mostly thay are seasonal character. Also, we're using eco products from Pula Inclusion Center and in that way we by ourselves support employment of people with disabilities. By using eco products we insure tasty and high-quality meals at affordable prices - so we are all happy :)
With care about nutritional balance of meals, our offer includes vegetarian, macrobiotic and asian dishes while emphasis Mediterranean diet.

  • Salata Italiana

    "Italiana" Salad
    Light summer brunch with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, basil and olive oil

  • Chicken steak with vegetables
    Delicious combination: grilled chicken breast and grilled vegetables - yummy.

  • Catering snacks

  • Canapes

  • Jaffa cake
    Compelling union of tasty chocolate and orange.

  • Fruit cake
    For light cake lovers - fresh fruit delicacy.

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